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Capture the Joy: 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photography

Our children grow up fast, and the milestones come and go with great anticipation and fanfare. No event is celebrated more excitedly than your baby‘s first birthday, and one cheeky, fun-filled way to celebrate is with hilarious and delightful cake smash photography. But what exactly is a first birthday cake smash? As the name suggests, there’s a lovely cake involved, and it gets smashed! Your sweet, angelic baby is encouraged to let rip and do what they do best – make a huge mess.

With colourful frosting and carefully crafted decorations flying everywhere and everybody laughing, including the baby, it is a perfect, entertaining setup for memorable photographs. A set of 1st birthday cake smash photos is something your family will cherish for years to come, and everybody who sees them is sure to get a great sense of the fun that was had that day in setting your baby up for some wild and wonderful cake smash photography in Melbourne.


Why Choose Us for Your 1st Birthday Cake Smash Photos? ​

At KAT Alora Photography, we recognise the significance of marking your children’s milestone moments and preserving them for posterity. We run a professional, efficient photography studio with trained, highly capable photographers to perfectly capture a priceless investment in your family memories and history. Other outstanding reasons to choose us as your preferred 1st birthday photographer include:

We always take our time creating your gorgeous prints and always use top-quality materials and processes. Our ethos at KAT Alora Photography is that when you show people your quality and attention to detail, they will return to you repeatedly.

Our Cake Smash Photography
Experience in Melbourne

At KAT Alora Photography, we set up our cake smash photography to capture moments of pure joy, surprise, and curiosity. 

Hearts melt, and tears roll down cheeks in laughter at the sheer exuberance and enthusiasm some babies put into their cake smash.

We will provide everything needed to get your baby in a smashing mood, let the moment’s beauty shine through and record what happens next.

The authenticity and genuine hilarity of unscripted random moments like these are manna from Heaven for a 1st birthday photographer, allowing them to capture moments you will cherish forever. 

Planning Your Perfect 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session

Please take a few moments to check out our beautiful newborn photography, classic maternity shots, and photography blog to understand better what we do at KAT Alora. We think you’ll be impressed by the results we achieve, and our cake smash photography in Melbourne is no exception. 

When you’re ready to start planning your 1st birthday cake smash photos, please contact us; we can chat about our range of services, address any questions or comments you have, and create a booking for you to work magic with our skilled 1st birthday photographer.

Tips for a Successful First Birthday Cake Smash



Although choosing a lovely plump chocolate cake is very tempting, the browns and rich tones do not look good in photographs and can look like dirt or worse. Stick to neutral colours like the creams and whites of vanilla or the reds and pinks of strawberry. Big is not necessarily better; giant cupcakes are a perfect size and have the bonus of looking great on camera, facilitating a set of glorious 1st birthday cake smash photos

Simply put, taking a cake smash photo is so much fun, and the results are often natural, capturing your baby’s exuberance and sense of adventure. The experience of creating the perfect cake smash with your baby is worth doing even without the photos, but what a lovely way to remember a day when a good time was had by all.


Although there is nothing quite like your baby’s 1st birthday cake smash, why not keep the tradition going and follow up with a cake smash on their 2nd and 3rd birthdays too? After all, you will have so much fun that you’ll want to recreate the scene time and again.